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Integrity Promise

At Textured Haus, we value the earth and all who reside in it. That is why we have strict standards when it comes to using high quality, sustainable materials and purchase only from artists and manufacturers who use ethical practices to craft and produce their products.
In addition, we value using sustainable packing materials for our orders. We do our best to avoid unsustainable materials, but unfortunately it is sometimes out of our control what manufacturers choose to use, and they may be necessary in certain cases to ensure the safe arrival of your goods. If you happen to receive any plastic or foam packaging in your order, you can rest assured that it has been reused from the manufacturer who sent it to us. We will never purchase new unsustainable packing materials, because every little sustainable action we can take positively impacts the earth. Please join us in our quest to clean the earth by recycling and safely disposing of all packaging materials you receive from us and other brands.
Thank you for supporting our brand and our cause, and helping us make the world a better place!


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